Welcome to the old Egypt!

The culture of Pharaonic Egypt has been fascinatingly replicated in a great number of exhibits which are true in every detail, just as they can be admired in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Mohamed El Awdan, operator of a popular travel agency in Heilbronn for more than 25 years, has brought a piece of his home country with him to western Germany.

In several exhibitions in southern Germany the most valuable objects around the epoch of the boy king Tutankhamun have already been on display.

Let yourself be enchanted by the distant world, the artworks, as they were crafted thousands of years ago for the Pharaohs.

Tutankhamun is now primarily world famous for his tomb, which remained nearly untouched for thousands of years. The person of the boy Pharaoh is clouded in secrecy: Why did he die so young at only 18 or 19 years of age? Was he perhaps even murdered? What happened to those that dared to disturb the eternal piece of the king? These kinds of questions have fired people’s imagination around the whole world since the discovery of his tomb.

The British archaeologist Howard Carter made a sensational discovery after seven years of unsuccessful searching. The discovery of the tomb caused “Egyptomania” and triggered a wave of new research.

Today, the treasures of the tomb are admired by hundreds of people every day in various galleries of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Only very few pieces can be shown outside of Egypt because of their inestimable value for reasons of conservation and safety considerations.

The special exhibition “Tutankhamun” offers fascinating replicas of selected originals that are true in every detail; among these are the golden coffins and shrines of the Pharaoh, his magnificent gold mask, the throne and other precious furniture. Another highlight is the world famous bust of Nefertiti, who according to latest research was probably Tutankhamun’s mother. Together with further large architectural elements, the special show conveys a lively and vivid picture of the ancient Egypt. Experts will inform you about the latest research around the theme of Egypt and offer exciting guided tours through the exhibition.

The organizer

The organizer of this unique exhibition is the Egyptian-born Mohamed El Awdan. He is the executive director of the travel agency Travel Point, which besides worldwide air travel specializes in journeys to Egypt. Thanks to his great contacts to his home country he has managed to compile an outstanding collection.

In addition to a grand temple entrance and numerous tomb paintings you can also admire the famous death mask of the young Pharaoh in various copies, the mummy on the deathbed, the three gilded sarcophagi of the boy king, several small and life-sized statutes, thrones and chariots, to name just a few.

The beautiful Nefertiti depicted in various pieces of artwork, and the famous Rosetta Stone, which helped to decrypt more than 5000 year old hieroglyphics, can also be found as replicas in the exhibition.

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