The culture of ancient Egypt, fascinating and original, reproduced with a large number of exhibits, as can be admired in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.


The culture of the ancient Egyptians has been replicated fascinatingly and true to original times with a great number of exhibits, just as they are available to be admired in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.


Mohamed El Awdan, operator of a popular travel agency in Heilbronn, has brought a piece of his homeculture to Germany. The replicas of the most valuable pieces of the epoch of the boy king Tutankhamun have previously been on display in numerous exhibitions in Southern Germany.

Let yourself be enchanted by the distant world, the artworks, as they were crafted thousands of years ago for the Pharaohs.



Opinions of visitors

Came to see the King Tut exhibit on Sunday. Pretty cool. Clayton, 09Oct 11
Egipto! Misterio y grandeza donde la vida y la muerte se entrelazan y la oscuridad se vuelve luz. Gracias por la magnifica exposición. 11.09.11
Words cannot simply say how good and informative this exibition is. Graham, Ireland 20-07
Very impressing exibition. thank you for bringing it to us. (Suzana, Florida USA)