Sabine Krämer

Let yourself be inspired by a story thousands of years old, about the child king Tutankhamun and Egyptians history.

The discovery of his untouched tomb in November of 1922, Tutankhamun became one of the worlds famous personalities of the ancient Egypt, an his treasures, that are displayed in the Egyptian museum in Cairo, annually attract 2,5 million visitors. Yet no one really knows anything about the child king, the discoverer of his tomb Howard Carter said the only thing known, is that he has died and has been buried. The reason of Carters belittled and truly unfair judgment would be, that the search of his grave and anything, that was proof of his living, was more like a scavenger hunt. Which was no understatement, Tutankhamun was a representative of the socalled Amarnaera of the surroundings of king Echnaton, who has  forsworn the old god cultures and therefor praised to the god Aton, embodied through the sun. He even constructed a new capital, Achetaton, today’s Amarna, where himself, his wife Nefertiti, their kids and the royal household could praise Aton. The temples of the old gods however he ordered to close and destroy. Later rulers, who see this epoch as the era of chaos, tried to redeem history and so destroyed every proof of the Amarnaera they could gather. Yet the irony is, that their representatives Nofretiti and Tutankhamun count to the most famous people in in the ancient history of Egypt.

What do we know now about Tutankhamun, the child pharaoh?

Find out in our exhibition.